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Open Source Body 2021: Documentation

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Thursday, May 20, Morning: Anthropology, feminism, postcoloniality and radical care

Natasa Petresin (Fr/Si), Cité Internationale des Arts – modération
Emilia Sanabria, CNRS
Aniara Rodado
Luiza Prado
Paloma Ayala, Badlab Collective

Thursday, May 20, Afternoon : ART4MED, Art Meets Health and Biomedical Research

Ewen Chardronnet – modération
Adriana Knouf, Miha Tursic – Waag, Nl
Emilia Tikka, Erich Berger, Oula Valkeeapa, Lena Valkeepa – Bioart Society, Fi
Shu Lea Cheang, Vivien Roussel – Art2M/Makery, Fr
Helena Nikonole & Lucy Ojomoko, Jurij Krpan & Simon Gmajner – Kersnikova Institute, Si

Friday, May 21, Morning : Endocrine Disruptors and Public Action Design

Ewen Chardronnet – modération
Aliens in Green: Bureau d’études + Špela Petrič
Mariana Rios Sandoval (CNRS)

Friday, May 21, Morning : Ensargasse-Moi

Annabel Guérédrat

Friday, May 21, Afternoon : Photosymbiosis and Human Health – panel 1

Jens Hauser (Medical Museion Copenhagen)
Myra Chavez (Anatomy Institute, Bern University)

Friday, May 21, Afternoon : Photosymbiosis and Human Health – panel 2

Jens Hauser – modération
Maya Minder & Ewen Chardronnet
Quimera Rosa

May 20-21, corridor : Green Open Food Evolution – Roscosmoe

Installation by Maya Minder, Ewen Chardronnet, Sandra Bühler

20-22 mai, petite galerie, Cité Internationale des Arts

Seconde peau – soft walls, patch.e.s & soap
Exposition by Nathalie Harb & Benoit Piéron


Saturday, May 22, Afternoon

Echo of Leaf and Body, workshop by BabLab Collective

Green Open Food Evolution, workshop by Maya Minder

ICTUSCORDIS, performance by Janus Alez Luznar

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